Organic Sencha Green Teabags, 4g x 16 Teabags

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Make Kombucha Brewing easier with these teabags!

Sencha tea is the most popular green tea in Japan. It can be found in most homes, offices and restaurants. It is Kombucha Philippines’ favorite in making Kombucha tea. The flavor is earthy and light when brewed with just water; and tastes like green apple juice when used to fermented Kombucha.

These teabags contain the same size of tea leaves as in the Loose Leaf packs. We find the flavor of tea leaves to be better when not powdered, unlike the usual teabags you find in the grocery stores. We just like to make it more convenient for Kombucha brewers by placing it in bags.

Each teabag contains 4 grams of loose tea leaves. Each pack contains 16 teabags.

Brewing Method

Regular/Traditional Tea Brewing:

Water Temp: 85c – 90c

Amount: 1 teabag per 2 cups of water

Steeping time: 5 minutes

Kombucha Brewing

Water temp: 85c – 90c

Amount: 1 teabag/quart, 2teabags/half a gallon, 4teabags/gallon

Steeping time: 10 minutes


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