Jasmine Tea 50g

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This Jasmine tea is made of whole Jasmine flower buds. It has a fresh, subtle and sweet feel to the mouth. It produces a bright, yellowish brew. It is recommended to brew with green tea such as Sencha Green Tea and Darjeeling Green Tea. Jasmine Tea is also great to blend with Rose tea.


When used to ferment Kombucha, mix this tea with either Green or Black Tea. Recommended is Green Tea. Make sure you have a spare SCOBY.

Regular Brewing Method:

Flowers: 1 gram/180 ml water

Steeping temperature: 95C

Steeping time: 5 minutes



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Jasmine is a flowering plant that belongs to the olive family. It typically grows in regions with warmer and tropical climate within Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. It is known for its fragrant flowers and health benefits.

Jasmine flowers is usually used as tea. In natural medicine, it is used for stress relief and relaxation. It relieves tension, anxiety and headaches. It is also used for insomnia as it has a natural calming effect, which helps people to fall asleep. Jasmine is also helpful for people with digestive system problems as it helps balance your gut bacteria.


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