Hibiscus Tea (Roselle Tea) 50g


Hibiscus tea also known as Rosella or Roselle Tea is great for caffeine-free Kombucha brewing. Hibiscus┬ácontains tannins, the substance that the kombucha SCOBY thrives on. So, it is great for people who want to brew Kombucha but can’t consume caffeine. Hibiscus tea will produce a pink or magenta Kombucha tea and SCOBY. The flavor is similar to cranberry juice. Roselle tea is also great for brewing as it is (for non-kombucha brewing). It can help in regulating blood pressure and is used to treat inflammation, constipation, and colds. Choose from our 50 gram and 25 gram packs!


Brewing Notes:

Kombucha Brewing
Temperature: 80c
Tea Leaves: 15g/gallon
Steeping time: 10 mins.

Regular Brewing
Temperature: 90c
Tea Leaves: 1g – 1.5 g/cup
Steeping time: 5 mins.

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