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Kombucha Tea Second Fermentation

Blackberry Kombucha tea

When it comes to making homemade kombucha tea, the fun part comes when you start flavoring it. This is usually done during the second fermentation, or the time when you harvest the booch and bottle them.

How to do Kombucha tea second fermentation?

The second fermentation process of kombucha tea starts when you harvest and bottle it. This is such a simple process. Just make sure that you leave the scoby onto your jar with at least a cup of booch. That booch will serve as the starter tea for the next batch you will be making.

Once you are done bottling your kombucha tea, the next thing to do is to do the second fermentation. Now, second fermentation is just letting your bottled k-tea sit for 1-2 days. During this period, the kombucha will still continue to ferment even without the SCOBY. This process will make the flavor stronger. This is the perfect time to flavor your kombucha tea, because the flavors you add will not affect the SCOBY anymore.

Remember, you can add any flavors you like. Once you added your flavors, let it sit in the counter for one to three days. If it is warm in your house, I suggest you taste the flavored kombucha tea after hours. If you already like the taste of it, you can then start consuming it. If not, let it go for a few hours or days until the taste is right to you. If the taste is right to you but you don’t want to consume it all, you can also keep it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process and avoid it from becoming to sour.

I hope this answers your questions about the second fermentation. If you have questions, comments and suggestions, please write it down below.

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