How to Flavor Kombucha Tea?

Plain Kombucha tea is delicious as it is, but when it is flavored, it is even better. The best part about making your own kombucha tea, next to drinking it, is flavoring. Why? Because you get to experiment, have fun and make up any flavor you like!

Blackberry Kombucha tea

Blackberry Kombucha

How to flavor Kombucha tea?

It’s easy, just dump in any kind of flavor you like. (Anything edible, of course).

Yes, you can add any flavor to your Kombucha. The most common that people use, and that I also personally use, are fresh fruits.

Using Fruits to Flavor

Like I said, using fruits to flavor Kombucha tea is the most common practice. If you are going to this route, I suggest using fresh fruits. If you can’t find fresh fruits, you can use frozen. Once you have found a fruit you want to use, you can chop them or squeeze the juices if you have a juicer and add that to your kombucha tea.

Mango Kombucha Tea

Mango Kombucha Tea

Rule of the thumb: If you’re flavoring using chopped fruits, use 20%-30% flavor and 70%-80% Kombucha Tea. If you’re using fruit juice, use 10%-20% fruit juice and 80%-90% Kombucha tea.

Fruits You Can Use to Flavor Kombucha tea:
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Grapefruit
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peaches
  • Kiwi
  • Elderberries
  • Lemon
  • Watermelon
  • Banana
  • Pear

Using Spices to Flavor

Honestly, the only spice I’ve used in flavoring Kombucha is cinnamon. I like my apple cinnamon kombucha tea, it’s my favorite flavor. But I’ve never used just plain spice to flavor kombucha. Most of the recipes I read also combine fruits with spices or herbs with spices. If you’re feeling a little braver than me when it comes to flavoring with spices, maybe I’ll woman up next time and follow your lead. (Let me know if you’ve done it after reading this!)

pineapple kombucha tea

Pineapple-flavored Kombucha. I used fresh pineapple juice to flavor.

Spices You Can Use to Flavor Kombucha tea:

  • Cinnamon
  • Chai Spice
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla beans
  • Pumpkin pie spice

Using Herbs to Flavor

Herbs can also be used to flavor Kombucha. When adding herbs, it’s best to experiment until you get your desired taste. I’ve never personally tried adding herbs to flavor my booch, but maybe you’re more of a risk-taker than me. If you are, please let me know how it turns out!

Herbs You Can Use for Flavor:
    • Jasmine
    • Lemongrass
    • Lavender
    • Chamomile
    • Pandan leaves

Once you have already flavored your Kombucha tea, you can enjoy it right away or add ice cubes to it. You may also do second fermentation, if you want a richer flavor. To do that, just let the flavored kombucha tea sit for 1-3 days in room temp. And, be careful with explosions. It’s best to put it inside a cabinet or a cooler.


Want to start brewing your own Kombucha tea at home? Find out where you can find Kombucha tea in the Philippines here.

4 thoughts on “How to Flavor Kombucha Tea?

  1. Hanna Felipe

    My cousin’s friends also had that exploding problem that messed up their kitchen. Why does it explode? I’m a noob to brewing.

    1. jannahbanana

      Hi Hanna. It explodes because of too much carbonation. If you see start seeing bubbles, you can burp your booch (read:open the bottles slowly to release some of the air) to avoid explosion. You can do that once or twice a day. If you don’t want to do that, put the bottles of booch inside a chest cooler so if and when it explodes, there will be no mess all over the kitchen. 🙂

  2. Hanna

    Thanks Jannah. I already have my brew! Started as soon as I got my SCOBY. I’m now flavoring my booch, trying out apple and cinnamon. Will let you know how it turns out. 🙂

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